"As a first time mom, I was really nervous at the idea of sending my then 10 month old to a daycare. She had always been in the hands of family. As most can relate to, a double income household is the norm and I had to go back to work and our friend and family favors had run out. After visiting a few daycares and interviewing the owners, we chose Ms Jean's. What attracted us to Ms. Jeans was the family-like approach. For my own sanity, it was important for my husband and I to get to know the people who would be responsible for caring for our little girl when we worked. It was easy to get to know Ms. Jean and her staff. After a short time, it felt like our daughter was with family."

Amber Winters

"My son loved Ms. Jeans Day Care! I cannot say enough about the peace of mind I had in leaving my child in her care everyday. Going back to work after the birth of a child is a difficult and stressful time. Ms. Jean helped to make that transition so much easier. My son was just 8 weeks old when he started attending and he continued there up through age 4.

I knew he was safe and well cared for as an infant and as a toddler he developed and had a great time in a fun but structured environment. He looked forward to going everyday and had fun making friends, developing skills during the structured planned activities, and he burned a lot of energy at the outdoor play center.

My son looked forward to special events and parties and there were countless days that I arrived to find him excited and eager to share his latest accomplishment or artistic creation. The daycare center was always very clean, neat and well organized but what really made a difference was the caring, family like atmosphere and open communication.

Ms Jean was very accessible and easy to talk to and always took the time to keep me updated of the days activities or aware of any issues / concerns. I was very comfortable and confident with every aspect of the care that he received at Ms. Jeans. Thank you so much for everything!!"

Michelle White

"This letter is in regards to Ms Jeannine’s Day Care Center. I have had both my children, ages 6 and 3 attend Ms Jeannine’s thru different stages of their childhood. They would always enjoy going there because not only was it fun for them, but they were always learning and doing new projects. They never felt like they were neglected in any way. It was always fun to pick them up and see their excitement and to proudly show off all their works of art, or to tell us what they learned new that day. The Day Care was always clean and just a fun place to walk into with all the excitement of the children. This was great source of comfort to me knowing that my children were being taken care of as if they were home. I whole heartily recommend Ms. Jeannine’s to all parents who are in need of such services. Even though, I am not working currently, my child still attends Ms. Jeannine’s a couple of days per week. It gives him a social aspect with other children and also gives me a few hours during the week for myself. Ms. Jeannine’s has made motherhood a whole lot easier and it is with a high comfort level that I leave my children there, knowing that they will be taken care of as if they were home."

Lisa and Steve DePaolis