Children's Arrival And Departure
You will be signing in your child in on a touch screen computer system. You will be able to see all of your child information. On this program you will see when payment is due, what your child may need for class and if your medical records need to be updated. You will not be able to sign out until you have indicated that you have read all messages for your child on that day.

Your child/ren must be accompanied into the center by either you or another authorized adult. You need to maintain supervision of your child until the teacher has been personally notified of your child's presence.

When picking up your child, be sure that you ask if your child has anything to take home. Please assume responsibility for your child's supervision as soon as you enter his/her classroom.

For enhanced safety and security, we have cameras in each classroom and outside to monitor your child/ren at all times.

Person(s) Authorized To Pick Up Child
At the time of enrollment and each contract renewal, parents must provide us with the names and telephone numbers of any person(s) authorized to pick up your child. Form will be provided. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to notify us of any changes in this authorization. If someone other than an authorized person (as indicated on the child's emergency card or pick up list) is to pick up your child, please notify the director in writing or by phone. Our teachers will ask any unknown person for identification before releasing the child. Copies of legal documents must be provided to the director before any staff person can actively prevent non-custodial parents from picking up their child.

Visitors (other than the parents of enrolled children who are authorized to be at the center) must sign in before entering the center. This is for the security of our children.