(Ages 5-12)

School-age children participate in a safe and stimulating environment during before- and after-school hours. Ms. Jean's Child Care school-age program also offer care during elementary school holidays and early dismissal days. This preferential enrollment may also extend to Ms. Jean's summer program.

Homework assistance is provided in a nurturing and relaxing environment. Computers are available every day in order to promote technical literacy. For school-age children involved in research projects, Ms. Jean's offer supervised Internet access.

In order to balance the academic portion of each child's day, Ms. Jean's teachers take care to include plenty of outdoor play in their plans. Enrichment programs augment each school-age child's learning experience in the areas of foreign language and sports. Socialization and problem-solving are integral to the activities teachers plan in music, creative art and games.

*Children enrolled in Before/After school program have preferential enrollment for school holidays, half days and Summer programs.

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