(Ages 4-5 years)

Pre-kindergarteners gain skills to guide them toward their future academic success. The learning tenets of this private program include kindergarten preparedness, social finesse and mastery of gross motor skills. Each school day is balanced with opportunities for independent discovery, cooperative learning and generous outdoor playtime.

Kindergarten preparation includes becoming comfortable with computers, developing complex logical patterns and handwriting practice. Pre-kindergarteners become aware of themselves as learners and begin to develop strategies for expressing their ideas in both spoken and written forms.

Teachers promote cooperative play and collaborative problem solving through lesson plans individually written for the children in their classrooms. " Children develop multi-tasking skills, hand-eye coordination and rhythm and tempo through lots of singing, dancing and rhyming.

Enrichment programs, such as music appreciation, foreign language and world cultures, are incorporated into pre-kindergarten lesson plans. Access to computers helps to provide children with the necessary familiarity to move to their next technological level. Preparation to make a smooth transition into the Kindergarten classroom in their school district the next year.

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